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And for this, we know you need enough capital to cover all the expenses

And for this, we know you need enough capital to cover all the expenses

Owner-occupied Loans

If you are an individual trying to acquire a property where you plan to live for at least a year, our owner-occupied loans offer better terms and conditions for you. You do not have to stay in it all year round but rather use it as a residence instead of renting the property for the upcoming months. After the established time in the final deal and contract with our team to access the loan has been met, you are welcome to rent the property or use it for other purposes besides residential.

Office Building Loans

Small or large businesses that need a new building to have their own offices and stop spending in renting a space can access these loans, which are focused on their specific needs and projects in mind. We personally offer much better terms and conditions for acquiring an office building and we encourage you to finally take the step since the quotes to repay the debt are usually the same you are paying for renting a place.

If you are currently renting a building or considering the option instead of acquiring your own space for your medical business or company, we encourage you to go for the latest. With our medical office building loans, you can get enough funds to finance a new building and stop spending money on renting spaces but more importantly, you will not only have something of your own but also have enough rooms and space overall to include more elements and services. For medical businesses, we have great interest rates that are not high at all, and the funds we can provide start at $500,000.

Medical Office Loans

If you are a new doctor, professional in the medical field, someone trying to find a new place for his or her services, and anything related to a new office, we can help you to either acquire it or renovate your current one to make it suitable for the area you are specialized in. We encourage you to start your own services and have a personal space once you are ready to practice or have obtained enough experience to be independent.

Hotel Loans

Renovations, remodeling, maintenance, or even acquiring a new hotel, all these expenses, ideas, and projects can be covered and achieved with our loans. We offer specific credits that will open all the previous options and without having to pay great interest rates whenever you request and access one. Instead, we worry about giving you the opportunity to maintain everything, start new projects for the hotel, or online installment loans South Dakota get started in this world.

Operating Lines Of Credit

More than a loan, this credit works like a credit card: you get access to a specific amount of money anytime and anywhere without meeting previous requirements or having to place a request every single time. However, you cannot exceed the amount and once you spend all the funds available, you need to repay before being able to borrow more or get access to the same amount again. This short-term loan is more flexible and does not have high-interest rates as you would expect but rather fixed ones based on the specific amount you want to have available.

Medical Office Building Loans

When needing to acquire new equipment for your very recent business or company, renovate the old one you have had for a while, or just get new pieces to offer better services, we are capable of providing the funds in any of the previous cases. We usually consider the equipment and machinery to be the collateral for these loans, which is why the requirements to meet are not many compared to other credits.

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